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Car Rental in Lanzarote, Spain.

Many people find renting a car useful during some or all of their stay in Lanzarote.  There are a number of car hire companies on the island and here we list a selection of local companies that we believe have reasonable terms and conditions and appear to have good reputations.

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With most car hire companies you can, if you wish, pre-book a car before your visit, for collection at the airport or office, or to be delivered to our property.  Alternatively, many companies have car rental offices in the towns, and there are a couple just a short walk away from Villa Rosa.  You can therefore make your decision about hiring a car after you arrive, if you don't want to commit yourself before you leave home.  Drivers normally need to be aged at least 23 with at least one year of full licence experience but with some companies the requirement can be different.

Lanzarote Hire Car Companies

Below are a few links to local car hire company web sites that have online booking or booking enquiry facilities.  We've listed companies that we believe have fair policies with regard to deposits, fuel, extra charges and the like but obviously we cannot guarantee this.  As far as we know all the companies listed here have fuel policies where the customer returns the car with the same amount of fuel as when they pick it up.  We believe that this is the fairest policy on a small island.  Additional drivers can usually be added at no extra charge.

We've also mentioned some other conditions against each company that may or may not be relevant depending on your specific requirements and situation.

Car Hire Matagorda

Some of these companies have permanent offices in Lanzarote airport but all will have pre-booked cars ready for you to collect at the airport if you wish.  The airport offices are located in the arrivals hall and can often also be accessed from the baggage area.  These cars can normally be collected from the airport garage across the road from the arrivals hall.  Cars from companies without a permanent airport office will normally be in the main car park, upstairs opposite departures.  A representative will normally be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and will process the booking in a shared office in the car park area.

The airport is Arrecife, or more recently as "César Manrique-Lanzarote" or "Lanzarote-César Manrique", sometimes known as Guacimeta Airport, sometimes just referred to a Lanzarote. The airport code is ACE.  Terminal 1 is the normal terminal for international arrivals and departures.

Anthon Rent A CarAnthon Rent a CarLink opens in a new window or tab is based in Puerto del Carmen.  Cars and can be collected from there, the airport, or can be delivered to Villa Rosa. The minimum age is 30 with at least 1 year experience.

Autos Feber Rent a CarAutos Feber Rent a CarLink opens in a new window or tab has a number of offices in Lanzarote including Matagorda. Cars can be collected from any of their offices, the airport, or can be delivered to Villa Rosa.  Drivers need to be 23 or over.

Auto Reisen Rent a CarAuto Reisen Rent a CarLink opens in a new window or tab is based at the airport and cars must be collected from there.  Minimum age is 23 with 2 years experience.

Cabrera Medina Rent a CarCabrera Medina Rent a CarLink opens in a new window or tab has offices at Lanzarote airport and all over the island, including MatagordaCicarLink opens in a new window or tab is also part of the same group and it's worth checking both websites for prices since they do seem to differ at times.

Felycar CanariasFelycar CanariasLink opens in a new window or tab has an office in Puerto del Carmen and elsewhere on the island.  Cars can be collected from the airport or their office or delivered to Villa Rosa, although there is a surcharge for airport collections.  Direct CarLink opens in a new window or tab is part of the same group with an office in Matagorda.  Drivers need to be 21 or over with one year experience.

Lanzauto rent a carLanzautoLink opens in a new window or tab has offices near Matagorda and cars can be collected from there or at the airport.  Drivers need to be 23 or over.

Payless Rent a CarPayless Rent a CarLink opens in a new window or tab has an office at the airport and others throughout the island including one at Puerto del Carmen.

Plus CarPlus CarLink opens in a new window or tab has 6 offices in Puerto del Carmen as well as other resorts in Lanzarote.  Drivers need to be 23 or over.  Cars can be collected at the airport, any of their offices, or delivered to our property. Drivers need to be 23 or over.

There are other companies with car hire offerings in Lanzarote so feel free to browse the web to find what suits you best.

Things to check

If you are using another company or agent or broker then it's worth checking their fuel policy before booking, bearing in mind your length of your stay in Lanzarote.  If it's not stated on their website then you should ask them.  Some companies, as those above, have a policy whereby the customer leaves the tank at the same level as it was supplied, some supply it full and the customer must leave it full, but others supply it full and the customer leaves it empty.  You should beware of the last category because, not only are you buying a full tank at rental company prices, but also you might not need a full tank of fuel during your stay.  Make note of the fuel policies and make sure you are happy with them.  Also be aware that some companies require large deposits which are charged to a credit card and many of these have a reputation of not returning the full amount.  The above companies do not operate this way and charge only the rental price, which is done when you collect the vehicle.  The conditions of brokers and agencies are often the most difficult to understand because you don't always know who is supplying the car and what conditions they impose.

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